1st - 30th June, 2020

R700/$40 a print

100% proceeds donated

The print sale project is bringing together South African and local photographers to raise urgent funds to support the LGBTIQ+ community in the Western Cape. All proceeds will go to assisting vulnerable individuals and families affected by the health, economic and social issues caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Shop all the prints: here

Where will your money go?

Each print you purchase  will provide a LGBTIQ+ individual or family one complete food box, hygiene products (including face masks, soap and sanitary pads), and vital electricity credit.

For many who identify as LGBTIQ+ in the cape flats and townships, home is a place where many sleep rough and regularly need to move about - often because their family of origin has made their lives impossible through expressions of violence, prejudice, homophobia or transphobia. 

Water and sanitation is a constant issue, and many find themselves living without basic sanitary conditions and live in spaces that are unhygienic. Many LGBTIQ+ individuals group together in chosen families, to support and care for each other through generations - there are children and older people in these communities. As with any families there is love and care, but also much vulnerability that has been severely heightened through the pandemic.

Your print purchase will bring change to those most at-risk. 

Who is WE CAN?

WE CAN (Working for Equality Community Action Network) is a grassroots network made up of Cape Town residents setting out to provide urgent assistance to the local LGBTIQ+ community. 

Our goal for The Print Sale Project is to assist 200 families and individuals who have been severely affected with the current pandemic. 

WE CAN is working in partnership with Triangle Project for fundraising, community outreach and emergency assistance. 

Printing by Dog Ear Editions, Cape Town.

Email: info@theprintsaleproject.com